Why did my nursery furniture arrive long past the due date? | Money

I placed an order with baby products company moKee for a nursery “bundle” (essential equipment including a cot) at the end of September 2018, allowing plenty of time before my November due date for the quoted four to eight weeks’ shipping.

We received part of the order on 2 December after a great deal of chasing. But our daughter had arrived a week earlier, so we could not set up her nursery. I was left scrambling to arrange for someone to be in to collect the order and set up the nursery, whilst recovering from a caesarian section.

Thirty emails later we are still waiting for the mattress and sheets for the mini cot, which we have only been able to use for storage. MoKee’s customer service team sounds like a broken record, repeatedly saying the order will be dispatched “at some point in the next week”. It’s all been stressful at what should have been a special time. Months of delay is simply unacceptable – babies don’t wait (and grow quickly)!

EB, Brighton, East Sussex

The trendy Scandi-style brand admits it has been a victim of its own success as a small startup with only a small team. Its founder and chief executive, Sam Serra, has personally apologised to you and others also facing delays at a critical time (close to birth). Your outstanding goods have been delivered, and the waterproof sheets changed for a superior version in order to ship faster.

Serra told us: “We are extremely happy to see the sales increasing. It is, however, extremely challenging to adjust the production process in such a short time. We’ve been doing our best – offering part shipment for free or changing ordered products for ones in stock. However, customers are sometimes facing delays.

“While we are very disappointed and sorry every time we fail to deliver on time: we know there are thousands of parents in the UK that love the brand and have had a positive experience. Now we have to make sure we can deliver this to all of our customers. We apologise to EB for her experience and hope to do better in the future.”

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