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The winter equinox is on 21 December. So why did the clocks go back on 28 October, some 53 days prior to the equinox, whereas they do not go forward again till 31 March, a full 99 days after 21 December (UK could face summer time blues under EU bid to end clock change, 5 March)? What are the reasons for this 46-day asymmetry which, even now in early March, robs us of an hour of some very welcome daylight in the early evening/late afternoon?
Andrew Johnston
Sheringham, Norfolk

The closure of ever more bank branches and ATMs not only drives people and businesses towards the cashless society (Report, 6 March), it also enables our spending patterns to be more completely monitored through collection of card use data. What a wonderful thing for surveillance capitalism that so many local and rural sub post offices have gone.
Dr Jane Frances

As the new name of the Cook Islands is to be decided by the public (Report, 6 March), let’s hope they choose something dignified and relevant, such as Cooky McCookface.
Steve Vanstone

In a Two Ronnies sketch, Ronnie Corbett refers to the toilet as “the doughnut in Granny’s greenhouse”. A lovely description (Letters, 6 March).
Mike Kehoe
Carluke, South Lanarkshire

As any self-respecting west Cumbrian will tell Stuart Heritage, the only proper answer to his dilemma is to address people as “Marra” (Hey buddy, please don’t call me chum, G2, 6 March).
Janet Mansfield
Aspatria, Cumbria

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