Trump Sends Christmas Wishes To ‘Even The Fake News Media’

Not breaking from his Twitter habit even on Christmas, President Donald Trump extended his holiday wishes to the press while bashing them in the same breath.

“I hope everyone, even the Fake News Media, is having a great Christmas!” he wrote Tuesday evening, using his signature line. “Our Country is doing very well. We are securing our Borders, making great new Trade Deals, and bringing our Troops Back Home. We are finally putting America First. MERRY CHRISTMAS! #MAGA”

The tweet was one of only two written that day by the president, who earlier in the day posted a generic “Merry Christmas!” on the platform.

While Trump implied in his second message that border security had seen progress, that same issue drove the federal government into a shutdown last Saturday over his demands that Congress approve $5 billion for his wall.

The spending bill, including the funding, passed the House but has stalled in the Senate, raising the possibility that the government might no be fully up and running again until the House flips to Democratic control in January.

Furthermore, the commander in chief’s move to pull troops out of Syria has also caused concern, appearing to have triggered the resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and causing Brett McGurk, the U.S. envoy to the global coalition fighting ISIS, to step down as well.

As for his attack on the media, it’s nothing new for the president, who’s become infamous for his aggressive anti-media rhetoric.

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