Trump Retweets Message About How Happy He Is. Twitter Critics Wonder What He’s Smoking.

Donald Trump retweeted a message from the White House social media director Saturday that he has never seen the president happier — and Twitter followers were scratching their heads. Given the president’s rage tweets earlier, some wondered what Trump was smoking.

Dan Scavino, who once worked for Trump as his caddie, posted his message  after relaxing with the president at Mar-a-Lago.

That seemed suspiciously chill for Trump, who had lashed the Mueller report in a series of ugly tweets Friday and Saturday, and attacked aides and officials who made him look bad with their accounts to investigators about how he conducts himself in office. 

Some quipped that Trump’s mood may have changed getting into the spirit of  420 — the nation’s annual marijuana celebration on April 20.

Quippy weed tweets aside, lots of people responding to the Scavino retweet went absolutely bonkers over the reference to Trump’s private business — limited to those who can afford a $200,000 membership fee and their guests — as the “Summer White House,” which it decidedly is not. The name alone evokes for many infuriating reminders of the “White House” of the South during the Confederacy.

Trump was apparently still chill by the end of the day Saturday when he slipped into the evening with what he called a “good night of television” — Fox News programs.

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