Trump news – live: Impeachment ‘reaching tipping point’ as president muses on main 2020 rival’s execution by electric chair

House speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly preparing to drop her long-held opposition to impeaching Donald Trump as Democrats were said to be “reaching a tipping point” on Monday.

Democratic representative Gerry Connolly has said his party risks “looking weak” by refusing to impeach the president.

More than half of Democratic members of Congress have publicly called for an impeachment inquiry into Mr Trump.

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Meanwhile, the scandal around Mr Trump’s call with Ukraine has deepened after a senior administration official reportedly said the president asked his acting chief of staff to withhold millions of military aid to Ukraine shortly before he pressured the country to investigate the son of his main 2020 rival Joe Biden.

And on Monday, Mr Trump ended a press conference with the extraordinary claim that “if a Republican ever did what Joe Biden did … they’d be getting the electric chair”.

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Although Donald Trump has repeatedly shrugged off talk of impeachment, there is a sense that this could be the week that Democrats finally turn towards backing an inquiry into the president.Last night, NBC News reported that House speaker Nancy Pelosi is close to dropping her opposition to an impeachment inquiry, removing one of the major obstacles to an investigation.The report came shortly after seven freshman Democrats with national security experience put their names to an op-ed in the Washington Post that said the Ukraine allegations against Mr Trump were “a threat to all we have sworn to protect”.


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