Trump Misses Sri Lankan Death Toll By Millions In Condolence Tweet

In what was supposed to be a somber statement of condolence from a world leader over the terror bombings in Sri Lanka, President Donald Trump goofed up and mistakenly recounted the death toll as “138 million” in a weekend tweet.

The actual death toll in Saturday night bombings at the time of Trump’s tweet was 138 — not 138 million. The toll continued to rise and was reported Monday as 290 dead and 500 injured.

The tweet, the first on Sunday posted by Trump — was later corrected and reposted. But before the change, Trump radically switched his mood, wishing everyone a “Happy Easter” and bragging about the economy, saying he had “never been happier or more content” because “your Country is doing so well.”  He added: “Have a great day!”

Then Trump angrily swerved into attacking the media, “Trump Haters,” Democrats and special counsel Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt.” 

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