Trump Calls Some Statements In Mueller Report ‘Total Bulls**t’

President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that some statements about him featured in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report are “total bullshit.”

Trump again slammed the “Crazy Mueller Report,” which was released Thursday and outlined Mueller’s findings about Russian interference in the 2016 election and potential obstruction of justice by Trump. The president warned against “people that take so-called ‘notes,’” arguing that parts of the report based on notes taken by aides and White House officials weren’t legitimate and claiming “the notes never existed until needed.”

Trump is quoted in the report complaining about note-taking during a meeting with former White House counsel Don McGahn.

“Why do you take notes? Lawyers don’t take notes. I never had a lawyer who took notes,” Trump said before arguing his former personal lawyer Roy Cohn never wrote things down during their meetings.

Trump has repeatedly claimed there was “no collusion” or obstruction and labeled Mueller’s investigation as a “witch hunt.”

“No collusion. No obstruction. There never was, by the way, and there never will be,” he said Thursday minutes after the redacted report was made public. “This should never happen to another president again. This hoax. This should never happen to another president again.”

Trump did not agree to be interviewed as part of Mueller’s investigation but did provide written answers to questions from the special counsel. The report explained the decision not to subpoena Trump, saying Mueller’s office decided the “substantial quality of information we had obtained from other sources” would allow it to draw the conclusions it sought “on intent and credibility.”

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