Tim Cook Subtly Shades Trump By Changing His Name On Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook quietly changed his Twitter handle to “Tim [Apple logo]” on Thursday after President Donald Trump wrongly called him “Tim Apple.” 

Cook’s handle on Twitter was “Tim Cook” until Wednesday, according to the Wayback Machine internet archive. But on Thursday, a day after Trump incorrectly named the Apple CEO at a roundtable meeting with business leaders and sent Twitter into a tailspin, Cook swapped out his last name on the social platform for the Apple logo emoji. (The Apple symbol won’t render in HuffPost’s publishing system.)

If you don’t have a device with an Apple operating system, Cook’s joke may not translate. The Apple emoji will probably appear on Android or Windows devices as a blocked-out square or another “failed to render” symbol, according to The Verge.

At any rate, Cook is clearly having fun with the gaffe. We can only hope he starts asking people to call him Mr. Apple from now on, too.

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