The Mueller Report Was Nearly 400 Pages Of Joke Fodder For Twitter

While the report was published with many redactions, it included a treasure trove of fascinating tidbits such as information that may indicate the pee tape’s existence and 10 instances in which Trump may have obstructed justice by using his authority to interfere with Mueller’s investigation.

While Mueller not finding evidence that Trump’s campaign officials participated in an illegal conspiracy to help Russia might be anti-climatic for some, social media provided us with some heartening content.

As Twitter is wont to do, the nearly 400 pages of Mueller’s report dominated the social conversation and provided plenty of material for jokes, memes and more.

We’ve done you the favor of parsing through the noise and shared some of our favorite LOL-worthy tweets about the report so you can stop wondering, if only for a little while, if our government is crumbling around us:

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