SodaStream’s recycling incentive has left a nasty taste | Money

I have had challenges reclaiming deposits from SodaStream. If you pay a £10 deposit for an online order of a gas cartridge they commit you’ll get it back when you return it empty for recycling. However, on four occasions I have had to chase and in three cases they insisted they did not owe me anything. The latest wrangle went on for several weeks. I use SodaStream to avoid using plastic bottles of sparkling water. But all this hassle is leaving a nasty taste. RZ, Arundel, West Sussex

We wonder if SodaStream is struggling to cope with all the new business triggered by the backlash against single-use plastic water bottles. It’s odd it offers an incentive to encourage recycling and then customers have to jump through hoops to get their money back.

It says: “We have a dedicated, UK-based team to answer customer inquiries. We aim to respond within two working days though, on occasion, we don’t provide the level of service we aspire to. We’re employing more people and have recently invested in new technology to help us deliver the high standard our customers expect and deserve.”

You are advised to retain receipts so it can investigate if things do not go smoothly. We understand your refund has been processed, and it has apologised.

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