Seth Meyers: Trump’s Like A Stoner Pizza Shop Manager Who Forgot To Open For Business

President Donald Trump isn’t just “incompetent,” “unhinged” and “incapable of uttering a truthful or coherent thought about just about anything,” he’s like a stoner pizza shop manager who forgot to unlock the front door and open the place for business, Seth Meyers said Monday on “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” 

Meyers was particularly blown away by what he called “Dr. History’s” fractured view of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Trump claimed the Soviets had to invade because terrorists from Afghanistan were attacking them.

“They were right to be there,” Trump said.

But, in Trump’s version, when the war bankrupted the Soviet Union, it became Russia.

“Look, sometimes you get involved in something that goes so badly you have to change your name,” Meyers said. “For example, you take a job as Donald J. Trump and you leave it as Prisoner 567891.”

Check out the clip above to watch Trump’s driving directions for coyotes.

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