Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Lying President Should Quit — But Not THAT Lying President

Republicans for the Rule of Law posted a video Monday of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) urging the lying president to step down.

“This is about a person out of control …. He encouraged people to lie for him. He lied. I think he obstructed justice,” said Graham. ”I think there’s a compelling case that he has in fact engaged in conduct that [it] would be better for him to leave office than stay in office.”

But he was talking about Bill Clinton in 1999 — not Donald Trump now.

As of April 1, The Washington Post had tallied 9,451 false or misleading claims by Trump.

And the report by special counsel Robert Mueller recounted that in 2017 Trump ordered then-White House counsel Don McGahn to arrange to fire Mueller mid-investigation into Trump campaign contacts with Russians and obstruction of justice claims — then told McGahn to lie about Trump telling him that.

But correct conduct for a Democratic president is apparently not what a Republican president should do, as far as Graham is concerned  — unless you’re a member of the group that posted the embarrassing video.

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