Sean Spicer To Cooperate With Judiciary Committee Probe: ‘Nothing That I Have To Hide’

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer vowed to cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee probe into President Donald Trump’s businesses,  campaign and administration.

“I will do everything to facilitate this investigation, and there’s nothing that I have to hide,” Spicer told Fox News in an interview Tuesday. “So I want a swift conclusion to this whole thing as soon as possible.”

Spicer is one of the 81 individuals from whom Democrats are requesting documents as part of their investigation of possible power abuses. The extensive list includes Trump associates and family members, federal agencies and other organizations.

While Spicer acknowledged the committee’s responsibility to serve as a check on the executive branch, he called its work a “potential fishing expedition,” arguing that going through the president’s history of financial dealings seems a step too far.

The motivation behind the committee’s dig for documents, Spicer implied, was a realization on behalf of Democrats “that while some people did some bad things, that there were some people that clearly interfered with the last election, that there was no collusion.”

However, that assessment amounts to mere speculation, since special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election has yet to be released.

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