Nixon Foundation Scrambles To Distance Late President From Roger Stone

The Nixon Foundation launched diversionary tactics Friday to distance President Richard Nixon from GOP strategist Roger Stone. But it wasn’t so easy.

The longtime confidant of President Donald Trump was arrested Friday on criminal charges that include obstruction of an official proceeding, false statements and witness tampering. News stories indicated that Stone cut his teeth on Nixon campaigning (he has a tattoo of Nixon on his back). But the Nixon Foundation pointed out that Stone was just 16 years old during Nixon’s 1968 campaign.

The foundation conceded that Stone did serve as a “junior scheduler” on Nixon’s re-election campaign while Stone was a student at George Washington University. 

But Stone was widely linked to Nixon campaign “dirty tricks” by media reports at the time and made an FBI investigation report. The foundation failed to mention that — and Twitter wags were too happy to point it out.

Another president attempting to distance himself from Stone was Trump, who tweeted late Saturday that Stone “didn’t even work for me anywhere near the election!”

Twitter followers loved the Nixon Foundation scramble.

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