Monica Lewinsky Tweets Brilliant Response To Mueller Report Comparison

If anyone knows that a presidential report is all in the details, it’s Monica Lewinsky.

So when USC law professor Orin Kerr compared that to attorney general William Barr declaring President Donald Trump innocent of collusion in a mere four-page summary of Robert Mueller’s report, that got Lewinksy’s attention on Wednesday.

Democrats are clamoring for the full results to be revealed, so Kerr wondered on Twitter what would have happened if Starr’s results had been released privately to Clinton’s attorney general, Janet Reno, who then exonerated Clinton in a brief.

Lewinsky chimed in. Brilliantly.

“If. fucking. only.” she wrote.

Lewinsky has recounted the public humiliation she has endured from her relationship with Clinton, and lashed out at the former president for not apologizing to her for the fallout.

But in three words she just “won the internet.”

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