Melania Trump’s Infamous Whale Tweet Morphs Into Giraffe, Baffling Internet

An infamous tweet from Melania Trump has suddenly changed after being online for more than six years, and the internet is bewildered.

The post, which was uploaded in 2012, initially showed a photo of a beluga whale peeking out of a body of water and was captioned, “What is she thinking?”

However, on Saturday, Twitter users were shocked when they noticed the image changed based on the device being used to view the post.

In a quick test, the following appeared as a whale when accessed with a Mac laptop, but became a giraffe when searched using an iPhone, meaning what readers see in this article depends on how they’re viewing it.

Twitter users immediately took to the platform with screenshots of the drastically different photos, confused by the change, which didn’t seem to have an explanation.

“How does that even happen??” wondered the Orlando Sentinel’s Steven Lemongello.

Taking note of the mass hysteria, Deadspin decided to share an article it published last September on a 2012 tweet on the Chicago Cubs account in which the image was replaced with a pornographic photo of a woman.

The issue could have been an expired image ID in the URL of the tweet, Deadspin explained, adding that it may have been reused, being re-assigned from a ball player to the female in the racy photo.

As the outlet pointed out, the awkward glitch has happened to a series of other sports teams including The Dallas Cowboys, The Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets.

As for the first lady’s post, Twitter had a field day circulating the old photo that resurfaced after she rose to political significance in the White House, the giraffe giving it new life.

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