Kellyanne Conway Suggests Cory Booker Is Sexist Because He’s Running For President

Kellyanne Conway on Friday suggested Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is sexist for adding his name to the growing list of Democrats running for president in 2020, some of whom are women.

“What’s wrong with the candidates that are already in there?” Conway, a counselor to the president, told Fox News she would ask Booker if she had the chance. “What’s your objection to Kamala Harris running, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, these others who have already announced — Tulsi Gabbard, maybe?”

She continued: “If he were a Republican running against them, they would immediately call him a sexist for running against these women in the Democratic field.”

Booker announced his presidential bid on Friday in a video to supporters.

“I believe that we can build a country where no one is forgotten, no one is left behind… where we see the faces of our leaders on television and feel pride, not shame,” Booker said. “Together, we will channel our common pain back into our common purpose. Together, America, we will rise.”

With his announcement, Booker joined a growing list of Democratic contenders, including Sens. Harris (Calif.), Warren (Mass.) and Gillibrand (N.Y.), as well as former Obama Cabinet member Julián Castro and Rep. Gabbard (Hawaii).

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump launched repeated attacks on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and other women, and faced multiple accusations of sexual misconduct and revelations about his history of sexism. In a now-infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, recorded in 2005 and leaked a month before the 2016 election, Trump boasted about forcing himself on women and said he can grab women “by the pussy” because he is a celebrity.

Conway, a New Jersey native, questioned Booker’s qualifications to replace Trump.

“I’d also ask him, what exactly have you accomplished that qualifies you to be the commander in chief and president of the United States?” she said.

“We’ll wait to look at his record,” she continued. “I imagine that the crowded Democratic field of presidential aspirants will be attacking each other’s records or lack thereof, so we’ll be sitting back with copious bowls of popcorn watching that.”

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