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I enjoyed Sam Wollaston’s piece (What a journey!, G2, 25 March) and agreed with every good word he said about Gloucester services on the M5. But I wonder if it is possible to blend too thoroughly into the landscape. My cousin and her friend, travelling north on the motorway, fancied a little something and pulled in to Gloucester services. But they ended up driving straight through the car park and back out on to the motorway, having failed to recognise the service area under its hobbity turf roof!
Gillian Browne
Edgmond, Shropshire

Sam Wollaston rightly highlights some of the benefits of Gloucester services under Sarah Dunning and the Westmorland family. But he doesn’t tell the whole story: in addition to the 130 local producers it uses, the service station employs over 400 people, many local, and has a charity arm, Gloucestershire Gateway Trust (GGT), which invests in eight local charities. It has been quite a success story.
Bob Allen
GGT trustee

Sam Wollaston’s sighting of wagtails in Gloucester services, which he identified as “both pied and yellow” is almost certainly half wrong. The yellow wagtail is quite uncommon and is a summer visitor. The wagtail Sam saw was probably the grey wagtail which, despite its name, has a good deal of yellow on it.
Bill White

As Sam Wollaston says, Britain’s motorway service areas played an important part in the lives of musicians on the road. One of them, Roy Harper, included on his album Bullinamingvase a less than complimentary song called Watford Gap. It was cut from later reissues at the behest of Blue Boar, then operator of the service area in question.
Ian West
Broseley, Shropshire

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