Eurozone recession fears grow after industrial production takes a tumble – business live | Business

Bank shares dropped 3.8% this morning as investors digested the spectre of renewed political instability in the euro zone’s most fragile member state.

Much will depend on how Tsipras “interprets” the vote which analysts believe he will win – if by a slim margin.

In true Trumpian style, the Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos resorted to Twitter this morning to expel two of his MPs, including Elena Kondoura, the tourism minister, from his party’s ranks after both confirmed that they will be backing Tsipras in the confidence vote- and the looming Macedonia name change deal which prompted the nationalist politician to withdraw from the leftist-led coalition.

“Mrs Kontoura, with an official announcement, decided to exchange her vote and the name Macedonia for the ministerial chair. I am expelling her from AN.EL’s parliamentary group,” the tweet read.

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