Donald Trump Reportedly Spread Fake News About Barack Obama To White House Visitors

President Donald Trump reportedly likes to put his own spin on tours of the White House.

The Washington Post reported Monday that Trump enjoys giving impromptu talks to visitors — and on one occasion baselessly claimed that his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, watched a lot of sports from the private dining room off the Oval Office.

“He just sat in here and watched basketball all day,” Trump said, according to the publication, citing four people.

Trump also claimed to have found the room in “rough shape” when he moved into the official residence in January 2017 and told guests there had been a hole in the wall, the Post reported.

An Obama official poured cold water on Trump’s reported tour stories, however. They denied the existence of a hole and said Obama did not watch basketball in the dining room.

Former first lady Michelle Obama wrote in her best-selling memoir, Becoming, that her husband would “sometimes” join staff in the White House kitchen “if there was a college basketball game playing on the TV in the evening.”

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