Don Lemon Mocks Trump’s Shutdown Rage: Sounds Like ‘A Pouting Child’

Just before the federal government shutdown entered day eight, CNN’s Don Lemon launched into a scathing rebuke of President Donald Trump, calling his behavior infantile.

“He’s growing angrier by the moment, sounding really like a pouting child,” Lemon said in his Friday night opening monologue.

To bolster his argument, the cable host cited Trump’s tweet from earlier in the day when he threatened to shutter the southern border without funding for his wall, the key issue that has Congress unable to pass a spending bill.

Revisiting footage of Trump’s Dec. 11 vow to take responsibility for a shutdown, Lemon reminded viewers that “the president owns” it “and the blame is all his,” despite his current argument that Democrats are at fault. 

While it’s possible the government may not be fully operating again until January when the House flips to Democratic control, Lemon warned that’s when the GOP “really should be worried” since the left will gain “control of all the powerful committees that have been toothless under Republicans.” The anchor pointed to new job postings from Democrats seeking staff from investigators to lawyers who may be tasked with looking into the president as part of a Congressional inquiry.

“Fasten your seatbelts,” he added. “It’s going to be a bumpy 2019.”

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