CNN’s Nina Turner Calls Shutdown A ‘Hunger Games’ Moment

Amid a federal government shutdown now entering day three thanks to congressional infighting, one CNN political commentator likened the situation to the dystopian world of the fictional “Hunger Games” saga.

During a panel discussion on the network Sunday, Nina Turner blasted President Donald Trump for “not really owning” the fact that the shutdown isn’t a win for the GOP while doubling down on his battle for border wall money. 

″This reminds me of a quote from ‘Hunger Games’ that said, ’Destroying things is much easier than making them,’” Turner said, referencing the famous Suzanne Collins sci-fi novels in which all of North America has fallen into division and chaos. “We are really in a ‘Hunger Games’ moment right here, and it’s always that kind of moment when it comes to the president of the United States.”

Turner then slammed the president for what she felt was his failure to align his words with his actions, adding, “This is not helpful for the country at all.”

The shutdown kicked in at midnight Saturday when Congress was unable to compromise on a spending package. Trump and other Republicans demanded that the measure include $5 billion for a barrier along the southern border, even though one already exists. The bill passed the House, but stalled in the Senate, reflecting serious partisanship.

As the certain members of the GOP dig in their heels on the measure, hundreds of thousands of government employees are either being furloughed or working without pay. 

It is possible the government will not re-open until the Democrats gain control of the House in January.

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