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While heartily endorsing Frances Ryan’s comments (G2, 23 January) on the joy of tax, may I also strengthen her resolve by reminding her that by filling in her tax return she can help those less fortunate than herself without having to do anything silly or exhausting like sit in a bath of baked beans or run a midnight marathon.
Anne Summers
Honorary research fellow, Birkbeck, University of London

John Coad (Letters, 23 January) is right about how the 1956 Suez fiasco divided Britain. Fresh back from 18 months’ national service in the Canal Zone, I had just started at Goldsmiths’ College and took part in a series of fierce debates, speaking vehemently from the stage in the Great Hall in support of Eden – to my shame today!
Tony Mitchell
Keynsham, Somerset

Just opened up the Guardian website, and up pops an ad for Dyson fans. Ironic, since I am never going to buy another Dyson product ever again (Brexit-backing billionaire Dyson moves headquarters from Britain to Singapore, 23 January).
Barbara Jennings
Tooting, London

While Nia Lloyd was disappointed by HSBC (Bank tells Welsh customer not to complain in ‘foreign’ language, 21 January), I was delighted and amazed to be able to use Welsh at a Santander cash machine in Leicester.
Jane Foxworthy

Will the new £288m London concert hall (Report, 22 January), as Brexit implodes, be an example of the City fiddling while Britain burns?
David Murray
Wallington, Surrey

The “centre for music”? How dull. Following the example of Tate Modern, might we not consider Music London for such a glorious concept?
Geraldine Freedland

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